Chapter Excerpt

What do you do today to make a living?

Some copyright/permissions/research work for textbooks, some graphic design & art, some music.

Do you consider your art a success?

Yeah I do and I have had moments in my life when I have lived more on that, and others where I haven't.

I decided this year that it’s a medium-term goal to spend more time doing art and music for a living. I have been working on more design clients.

I like the idea of having a separate job–it keeps me honest with my heart, so I don't have to sell out. Since I'm not dependent on it solely for my income I feel more free to do what I want to do.

Describe the worst moment of failure in your creative/ entrepreneurial career.

The worst... I went in to this gig and it was sort of crowded when I got there, enough to make me think it was going to be a great night. And very shortly after I started playing, the table in front of me...

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