Listen, create, solve, work, laugh, evolve–get paid for it.
— Dream Siren

Possible opportunities at Dream Siren:


Sales + Community Manager

Commission-based B2B and B2C sales. You'll be the champion of all Dream Siren services and workshops, setting appointments and keeping the conversation lively. You'll promote our classes both online and on-location. There is a lot of opportunity to earn cash money with this, plus a foot in the door to other opportunities!

Campaign Manager

When we launch a new product or service, we'll be running a mini marketing campaign with a lot of moving parts for just that product. That's in addition to regular Dream Siren marketing efforts. This role is as-needed and will become available based on business needs. This role is perfect if you'd like to pick up work as a consultant too. Clients will be looking for marketing campaign work, and the skills transfer perfectly!


This role is the meat and potatoes of Dream Siren's business. You'll be working directly with clients to help them craft their own projects and businesses. You'll be imparting marketing strategy, creating plans, sketches, timelines and guides for your client. You'll need to be confident and excited about marketing in a fresh way. Our team will have your back providing brainstorming, resources and materials to help you coach clients brilliantly!


Web full-stack: WordPress/PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript

Many of our advanced clients turn to us for creative and development work when they reach the build-out stage. This is where you come in. Some of our team can do light dev work, but if you have the chops and would like to work with largely creative and friendly clients, join Dream Siren's creative roster. You'll work with us, and we'll handle project management and client relations, so you have a single point of contact.

Mobile Developer

Occasional freelance work for very special clients: From time to time, we get a client who needs an app or mobile-first site built. When it happens, we need YOU! Moreover, we have a number of in-house projects in the pipeline that will need this awesome skill set. Reach out if you'd like to be involved.

UI/UX Researcher

If you love people and computers...and you want to make both our products and our clients' products effortless and logical, you might be our new best friend! There is always a small amount of part-time work available for this role, and we'd love to hear from you!

API Expert

One of our packages deals with architecting beautiful workflows using diverse tech. As sales of this package grow, so will this role. To start, it will be occasional, but get in on the networking action now, and let us know who you are. If you love APIs, Zapier, IFTT and humans, we will have a lot to talk about!


Marketing Copywriter

Love to blog, post, research and spin a yarn? We are looking to dig deeper into the voice and style of Dream Siren's blog and marketing materials. You'll work closely with other team members to make sure that our UX, design and presentation materials all capture the essence of our brand. You'll be in charge of your own section of the blog!

Marketing Designer

Love Canva, Pablo, banner ads, billboards and business cards? This gig's for you. You'll work on a mix of in-house projects, and a wide variety of client projects. This is occasional freelance work, that can lead to much more!

Audio/Video Producer and A/V nerd-Generalist

Is this thing on? Our team is constantly creating in-house training materials. We'd love to invite you to spend some time behind the editing desk as well as live at our events making sure we look and sound great. This is occasional freelance work with a fun bunch, and may involve travel, if you're into that kind of thing.