Get classy this fall!

Career-worthy skills for budget-minded creatives!

Thank science! Election news & pumpkin spice lattes aren't the only things happening in autumn 2016!

Every year I get a little tingle in my spine when fall rolls around. The air has that crisp feel, the days get shorter, and students are in session. I'll be totally honest...I get a little jelly and nostalgic about the vibe of the academic year lifting off. Call me dorky, but there was a focused energy around simply getting smarter. As the leaves start turning, I long to have time in my schedule or the budget to go back to school.

If you're feeling that sentiment, too, FEAR NOT! You too can bask in the thrill of knowledge! There's a veritable cornucopia of dirt cheap learning available on- and offline...and it's all good stuff. Heck, I'm even offering classes this fall, because: YOLO! (Yes, I actually just dropped that godforsaken piece of slang. I'd apologize but, ....YOLO.)

OK, so here are 3 online learning opportunities I found just this week...and they're $FREE.99!

1. There's a creative staffing agency called Vitamin T that now offers gratis courses in top in-demand skills for stuff like UI design, coding and app development. No fine print or anything! Just learn stuff and make yourself into a creative superhero. GO!

The link: Vitamin T's Gymnasium

2. Skillcrush's motto is "Learn to code. Land the job. Get Hired." They're running a bootcamp right now where you can get up to speed quickly on highly marketable tech chops. If that's your bag, get over there stat, and sign up! I think this is a limited-time thing.

The link: Skillcrush's 10-day Bootcamp

3. LinkedIn is now joining the movement to offer no-cost education to anyone wanting to level up their skills either for better freelance and business outcomes, or to land a new job. Check out their week of learning. Warning: This is only free through October 30th! So make haste!

The link: LinkedIn's Week of Learning

For those in my neighborhood:


If you're in St. Pete, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the classes I'm involved with here locally!

1. Keep St Pete Lit LitSpace classes are awesome literary-focused classes for just $10 bucks, which is an absolute steal! They're held on the second floor of the Morean Center for the Arts, a beautiful museum on Central Avenue. I'm teaching 4 blogging classes in November - they're on my calendar. Come on down and blog it up!

BONUS! LitSpace students get 10% off my services now through the end of the year!

2. TBA! I will be announcing a new series of marketing mini-classes with a culinary twist, to be held at local St. Pete restaurants starting in November! Keep your eyes peeled, this will be delicious. Prices start at $45 and include food or drink!

Live and let learn!

xo, Serena


Serena Andrews

Serena Andrews lives in NYC, where she coaches creative-minded entrepreneurs to launch beautiful passion projects. She is an author, artist & musician and has been traveling, speaking & releasing her own projects for over 20 years.