What's this, a Seachange?

...More like a "C" Change, when C stands for Career!

 photo credit:  Sharell Cook

photo credit: Sharell Cook

Changing careers is scary.

Whether it's switching companies voluntarily, finding a new direction after a layoff, or simply realizing it's time for something new.

Often fueled by the inertia of inner desire and realization or a perfect storm of external variables, the thing bubbles up until it cannot be contained. Then it gets put on the table, and next steps are set in motion.

No matter how you arrive at a "C-Change", the mere act of it unearths opportunities to tweak your goals, reflect on your strengths, and ratchet up your self-esteem–though it may strike you as counterintuitive.

Here are 7 ideas to keep your spirit afloat:

1. Re-write your fails.

Try journaling about the mistakes you've made, but reframe them as successes using what you learned. Or make a simple list of the take-away lessons from each mistake.

2. Relive your wins.

Take time to close your eyes and relive some of the best moments of your life. How did they feel? What kind of attitude did you have when you first did them?

3. Pump up your resume's energy.

If your career change requires a resume, this will be handy. Try speaking about your character in your resume like you were writing a recommendation letter for someone you admire greatly.

4. Spice up your future: variety's a nice flavor.

If you need a big change, embrace it fully and fearlessly. They say variety is the spice of life, and you'll be surprised how many seemingly unrelated skills from your past work can be applied to anything!

5. Don't commit... yet! Just date your new career.

Timing is a skill, and career shifting is a fine art. If you feel truly squeamish about your direction, there may be something in your gut feeling worth heeding! Test the waters! Ask for a trial period, or negotiate a self-development leave from your current position. If it feels like a perfect fit, commit!

6. Be purpose driven.

In a big picture way, finding your purpose trumps finding a job or a "career". If you can join the two at this new crossroads, your career effectively becomes your purpose! If the two are not really meshing, you can apply your purpose to your daily work to change your attitude.

7. Re-wrap your career with creativity.

Perhaps you love what you do, but the way you've been going about it feels all wrong. Take time to visit your motivation for your current role. If it still excites you, perhaps you just need a do-over! No harm in that! Refresh what you have already built with a new brand, expanded market, product or message. If you are at a job, consider switching to a department where your talents can shine in new ways.

With love,