Mission Possible

Day 4: Sunday 9/29

In the early afternoon, I revisited the Bay Bridge, and the Ferry Building, to talk with some of the craftspeople and video chat with my friend Ben who is in Spain right now. It still occasionally blows my mind that I can go to a park in San Francisco, and share that experience real-time with someone in Zargoza!  I spent the majority of Sunday in the Mission. This is an area I've been recommended by friends for DIY goodness, and general culture.

Highlights of the Mission included brunch at Mission Beach Cafe, a much needed haircut at Glama-Rama and taking in all the shop names with wordplay... like Time Frame (watches and glasses), and Five and Diamond.

I also got a chance to see Dolores Park, where grown adults, kids and canines escape life on the regular. Cut into a hill, it has a gorgeous view of the city, and can we just talk about people chilling out? San Francisco knows how to maximize R&R! It's a far cry from the driving push of NYC.

The evil chest cold is tapering off, but the trip is going very well. More DIY details to come!