Closets, Suitcases & Qwerty


Hey, just a very quick note to say I am working around the clock on the eBook, tour booking and more… This week I am attempting to nail down exact dates! Thanks everyone for your patience! I am so excited! All the details will be announced shortly!

Touring Date Ranges

  • Rhode Island and Boston dates are shaping up between Aug 28 and Sep 7 this has been pushed to November, see calendar for details!
  • California dates are coming together between Sept 25 and Oct 9

Right now Miami is still set for December, more details on that later this fall.

The eBook

With EPIC FAIL super win, there are some last minute bits of content, formatting, editing and so forth that turned into much more of a project than expected. I know I’m behind the announced release schedule, but I really think it will be worth it in terms of quality! It’s looking good!

Official release of the eBook should be expected at the start of the tour late this month.

Live From The Closet

So, an exciting new development is that I have a housemate now, which is fantastic. I have managed to Tetris my stuff into about half the space–a fun challenge! Consequently, much has happened to the LFTC closet, and what with all the booking/writing/Indiegogo-ing, I am temporarily pausing LFTC until the start of September… when it will become Live From The Suitcase out on the road!


July perks are still wrapping up! Have no fear! I haven’t forgotten anyone! xoxoxo


Writing EPIC FAIL super win  in bed using iBooks Author, and testing on the iPad!