The Perks of Couch Surfing on a Saturday

DAY 3: Highlights of Sat 9/28.

Hmm. There were a lot of visitors to the loft yesterday. It felt like a studio tour! Just by hanging in the space, I met a fellow who suggested I check out a great hacker space, and who intimately knew the history science of mushrooms and their potential to play a role in sustainable living.

I walked to Market and Mission Streets. San Francisco is very clean... It is a beautiful place to spend a weekend evening, and is relatively quiet in comparison to NYC... refreshing. The goal was to get a slightly heavier jacket, and to find some post cards to fulfill my Correspondent perk from the Indiegogo campaign.

Most of Saturday was spent in the loft space. It is a quiet place to work. I suppose I could have gotten adventurous and worked in a cafe or co-working space, but the fact is I am trying to kill this cold.

I am learning the ins and outs of MailChimp. I think I will do a tutorial rant on this soon... more research to come. 

The great accomplishments of Saturday the 28th were sending out the EPIC FAIL eBook PDF to all the contributors that helped fund the book. It was a huge weight lifted off my chest to send it!

With regard to the street interviews, I feel a bit behind. I had high hopes for meeting lot of perfect strangers here, but there are still 2 days counting today. SF is my oyster!