Chalk it up!


So yeah...This thing about chalking Kidrobot toys all started back in May 2013. My friend Rob captured a Vine of me goofing off at the Soho store. 


Then, the official chalking event transpired where, by some amazing stroke of luck, the NY Kidrobot store let me draw on the big Dunny doll in their window. Shortly after, they signed a bunch of pretty big stuff with Marvel, and it's been tougher to work with them after that... but I like Captain America, so I can't complain. And Iron Man, but I digress.

Anyway, they let me spend four hours decorating a 4-foot tall character that stayed in their window for almost a month to the day. Here he is: (see fiery fox-looking character pictured here)

This event happened on the same day that I launched my Indiegogo campaign for the book tour. I've been trying to work with Kidrobot to get permission to chalk more dolls. It was a super fun experience. It's a little tougher dealing with corporate than the local store, but I am hopeful.  

Here's a video of the progression of the Dunny, set to the single from the new Alchemy Lab release: