My Online Presence Needed To Grow A Pair

Or… How To Tame A Web-octopus-a-saurus Rex

In My Sassy Humble Opinion… my online presence needed to go on a serious diet and workout plan. On the other hand, my attitude needed to eat like ten sandwiches and get over itself. How else am I going to deal with this unwieldy creature we call the Interwebs?

This is a sketch illustration I did in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad2 of the Web-octopus-asaurus Rex.  

That’s right, kids! I’ve been doing some thinking about what I’m really offering the world. Turns out it’s a whole lot of freaking websites? Spreading my web love too thin means each site lacks bang for the buck when it comes to the time-investment to quality content ratio. So, let’s get banging…. and bucking?

Er...never mind I said that. In other words… I lost sleep, researched my face off, took 21 hours of classes, planned, sweat, and nearly cried to bring you… this website. TAH DAH!

I’m taming the many-headed beast of mythological complexity that was my awkward web presence, and making it my pet. (In my head, a thousand Nintendo coins fell from the sky into my hands, and I just leveled up.)

Now it’s a friendly, sexy, mobile responsive and useful servant to my needs. It comes with me on adventures, helps me offer services, and embraces all my creative endeavors without taking sides. It’s agnostic to your device and loves to integrate social media. It really gets me.

I just have to keep feeding it. With content.

From now on, you’ll find me blogging here only. My other blogs are all being phased out over the next few months. Just hang with me as I move content over, and I promise it will all make sense!

Blogs getting canned: Form of…LIST!

  • (Record Label)
  • (Music Blog)
  • (Design/Illustration/Multimedia)
  • (Design… again?)
  • (Book Website)

Informative landing pages will remain live at:

  • (correction: this now redirects here)

Have your own messy web-beast to tame?

Here’s 12 questions (you can steal) that I asked myself before entering into “boss level” battle with my web monster:

  1. What do I seriously want to share the most about my personality and projects?
  2. What real service does each website provide? (As in… how is it helping me/the world/readers/clients?)
  3. Is there a call to action, or way to immediately interact with me on every page?
  4. Which services overlap or duplicate each other from site to site? Can they be consolidated?
  5. Am I “hanging on to past skeletons” by maintaining sites that are no longer relevant to me or my business?
  6. Who are my followers, readers, and clients?
  7. Where are my readers going to find out about me? (Social? Blog? RSS feed? Other places linking in? Email?)
  8. How are people accessing the site? (Phone? Tablet? Computer? PC or Mac? What Browsers?)
  9. What content seems to be working for me? (Does it generate business, get “liked” or favorited, keep the dialogue going, accurately archive my work history? – If not, what can be changed.)
  10. Is the look and function of each site really making me tingle in my boots? (Responsive, Clean, Navigable, Fun, Useful, Beautiful?)
  11. Would I personally visit or bookmark each site? If I described a website that I think is awesome, then describe my own how do the two descriptions differ?
  12. Would I miss any of the sites if they accidentally got deleted?

From those questions, I discovered…

  • I like to nerd the heck out over writing, music, web design, other people’s work, technology, green living and travel.
  • About half of my content was duplicated on multiple sites.
  • There were huge collective gaps in documenting my projects.
  • If I had just one blog, it would be dressed int he finest variety of content, but my multiple blogs look scantily clad at best.
  • I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time making all these sites, which ultimately leaves less time for doing or posting useful stuff.
  • I have been worried about seeming professional, rather than showing my real personality online.
  • I’ve been shy with incorporating social media.
  • Most of my sites have no clear way for anyone to buy anything from me, or even get anything from me for free.
  • I have no mailing list, by which I mean: I started one in 2010 then didn't send anyone anything. Hmm.

So that’s the down low, nitty gritty & skinny on how this site came to be!

If digital dragon hunting is the name of your game, and you’re looking for answers, stay tuned!

Next up are: personal branding, social media, researching website platforms, the plight of being multidisciplinary, telling stories, and more. I’ll walk you through the process I used, mistakes I’ve made, and share resources that will make your life a lot easier or at least entertain you as you go along!

Hit me up with a message–I’d love to hear from you!