Sandra Bullock has a bad time in space, and other fun adventures.

Thurs. 10/03 - Day 8

I woke up around ten AM in the intermediary room. This is a strange room connecting the two parts of my friend Ken's house. I love visiting there. Ken lives with his friends Etay and Christine who are a couple. They are amazingly wonderful, and warm people.

Etay and Ken are laying clay tile in the kitchen. Etay is a contractor and wood worker. He and Ken have been slowly transforming this house into a beautifully appointed and unique space. The last time I visited they were working on this gorgeous counter top which would have cost about ten times what they paid doing it themselves.

I spent the first part of the day doing some paperwork, but then I got the chance to ride into York Street with Ken on the way to his studio. As I mentioned in previous posts, Ken is a film editor. 

Back in February, I spent a ton of time on this street. I love Cafe de Leche on the corner, and Thank You, the comic book shop, but also Pop-Hop Bookstore. I talked to Betty behind the counter. She and I chatted about Brooklyn during my previous visit to LA, and I got a chance to glance at her nephew's book Pretty Good Number One, and talk about the benefits of DIY self-publishing. Pop-Hop Books is one of those darling shops where indie writers can be on the shelves without having to fuss with bigger publishers. It's a nice experience. Betty's daughter came by and chimed in saying that it's nice to know the authors personally.  

Later I found a piano on the street. Etay was visiting Future Music where they have all manner of vintage music gear and sound equipment. I roped him into shooting a very impromptu video of me playing the street piano.  

It was a short day in Highland Park, then I took the metro across town to Culver City. The Metro in LA is really clean and nice, but I have to say it's a bit cumbersome at times... though the tales of traffic lead me to think it could be friendlier at times than driving. 

I arrived at the Culver City station, and was picked up by my friend Michael Kohl. He is an amazing musician and super kind person. I would couchsurf at his place for the evening. We made a plan to go see a movie with his friend. It was Sandra Bullock's new feature... Her character was, how can I say this delicately.... just really terrible at being an astronaut. I mean, seriously this movie's NASA needed to take a look at recruiting a new hiring manager. At least she was consistent for the entire 90-minute feature, and never once displayed the skills needed to do her work. I'll cut her some slack, there were mishaps. Still... still. I won't spoil the movie for anyone planning to see it, but Gravity is, in my opinion, a very lonely, nerve wracking experience. Highlights are some beautiful shots of space, and Ms. Bullock floating around in a tank top and shorts. 

I remain grateful for the movie tickets and a fun time at Michael's bachelor pad. Friday AM, I cashed in again on my oatmeal and coffee packets. Boom! Breakfast. 

Michael whisked me off early to the Amtrak station, and I was off to San Diego for the next leg of the trip!