A Week After The West

So hooray! It's been a full week since I was out in Cali, and I can't say enough thanks to all the wonderful hosts and people that spent time making the West Coast leg of the tour a success and joy.

I am now compiling all the information gathered for the book, and ideas for what the Munny doll character will become. There'll be more to come from NYC, Boston, Block Island and Providence.

Fond Farewell

My last day in San Diego was amazing. I attended the yoga class I mentioned in the previous post. I can still feel in my muscles today! It makes me want to take up something of that sort, here in Brooklyn.

I also went to the USCD campus to see the amazing Library. While Chris taught a class, I sat outside in the campus researching book distribution. The entire campus smells of Eucalyptus. Chris says it's from the trees planted long ago in hopes of making railroad ties, only for folks to discover that Eucalyptus wood is too malleable for that use. Boy do they smell nice, though!

Chris showed me the experimental theater in the music building which was the inspiration for his audio augmentation contraption. It had tiny microphones everywhere in the ceiling and speakers all around... at any time, through this futuristic control board in the wall, you could change the sound of the room to completely dry and dead, to stadium or arena levels of reverb. Very fascinating!

On the way home, we stopped briefly at the cliffs in La Jolla. There is a breathtaking view of the ocean from the cliffs, overlooking the beach and community to the south. Somehow, I spent very little time near any sort of beach in California, so it was good to breathe the salt water air and just take it all in. 

In the evening there were some wonderful guests at the studio–a lovely professor and his wife, as well a super friendly fellow, Roberto, from Tijuana. They were there to try out the contraption. The professor played soprano sax to create very interesting tones and trails... then it evolved into an amazing brainstorming session. Chris added a pedal to the system. The group would call out a sort of impromptu wishlist of what we imagined it could do–stops and starts, soloing over a drone chord. Each time, Chris' face would light up. He'd run over to the computer, and, with some kind of MaxMSP wizardry, add a new function to the stomp pedal. The professor would test out the new configuration, and we'd all grin like crazy, casting glances around the room in awe and approval. Amazing.

When everyone finally headed out, it dawned on me: it was my last night. We decided to dine out and celebrate the right way: San Diego Burritos. I swear on my life, this burrito was the size of my thigh. It could feed a family! 

The following day, we had a lazy morning. At 10am it was airport time. The flight home was smooth and surrealistic, as I watched time move forward rapidly and the landscape below turn its face from the sun. Night lights began to appear and soon the ground below was a network of twinkling city centers, sprawling into the blackness of the countryside. From noon to nine in 5 hours. How strange.

Despite the time difference, I slept like a rock in Brooklyn! Now I'll have to explore in my own back yard.