Chapter Excerpt

What was your first job ever?

I worked as an operator for rock walls and other carnival/ event equipment when I was 15.

Talk about how you felt after high school versus today on the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

When I left high school, I wanted to be in theater and music. I think more about when I was 10 years old and wanted to be an environmental scientist. I chose to go to a performing arts school instead to be closer to my friends, and since that decision the course of my life has changed entirely. Finding music made my life so positive and so connected. I want to be myself when I grow up, and music is where I am myself.

What do you do today to make a living?

I have a retail job where I spend most of my time supporting employee training. Often it feeds me artistically and I'm grateful to be paid for something I'm into.

Describe the worst moment of failure in your creative/ entrepreneurial career.

I starred as Jesus in an all-female JCS at NYU. I was under pressure and...

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