content whisperer noun

An individual who extracts an unsung detail, lesson or story from a person, situation or circumstance; an author.

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dream siren noun

An individual who coaxes projects from the realm of ideas into reality; a project developer; an ideasmith.

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Oh heyyyy!

I'm Serena, and this is where I share juicy stories, tutorials, and tidbits geared toward the savvy DIY creative.

My passions are travel (which I do a lot), small business innovation, the lifestyles of independent artists and entrepreneurs, and escape from the 9-5 paradigm. I also have a sincere love of the Spanish culture and language.

Being the unruly Jill of All Trades that I am, I formally studied music, film and business, then proceeded to dive into a gazillion random opportunities, projects, jobs and entrepreneurial ventures. You name it: caricature artist, lead singer of a funk band, real estate coordinator, owner of a design firm and a record label, teacher of art, poetry and e-commerce ….and the list goes on. As I mentioned, the latest is author.

After years juggling the above, my career was split mostly between web development and pop music. But, I found myself unhappy and unfocused. I resolved to get my hands dirty with some serious lifestyle redesign.

At the height of this process (winter 2012-13) I wrote a book sharing the advice I’d received from friends about failure and success. It’s called EPIC FAIL super win. In the summer I quit my job in retail computer sales and tech support and launched an Indiegogo campaign to go on tour with the book and a smattering of musical merchandise. I was terrified, but it's been an amazing ride, and I found a set of keys to designing my ideal life. I didn’t even know they were right here in my pocket!

I’m happy you’ve come here to join in my adventures. I'll be traveling extensively all over the world, which you can follow on my calendar.

I aim to make this site is a true source of information and entertainment. I’m extraordinarily thankful for any comments, shares and requests that come through, so please don’t be shy. And for those interested in my book, music or consulting services, be sure to check out the shop!

Cheers! ~ Serena